3kVA/24V Solar MPPT Inverter with 36 Months Warranty (+GST 18%)

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SunGarner's off Grid Solar Inverters are powerful inverters that convert direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC), It is also known as stand-alone inverters, are the ones that needn't be hooked up to a solar panel. Instead, they draw the required DC power from batteries charged using PV arrays. The Main purpose of Grid tied inverter is to supply Solar power generated from PV Panels to Homes and unused power to Grid.

Seltrik Inverters are advnced MPPT technology based Inverters it has builtin isolation transformer which enhances 30%more battery life. Seltrik Solar Inverter has high surge capability and has capacity to save upto 60% of Energy on Electricity bills.


  • DSP Processor Based Design
  • Pure Sine Wave Output
  • Inbuilt MPPT Charge Controller
  • LCD Display with Parameters
  • Charging Multi Stage (Bulk, Absorption, Float) Auto Equalize
  • Grid Charging ( 0A Disable, 5A, 10A, 15A)
  • Priority of selection Solar & Grid for saving energy and money
  • Solar Priority of Load and Battery Charging
  • Maintain Battery Health for Longer Life
  • A Deep Discharge Battery whose voltage has decreased to (2V-10V), will also have its voltage and gravity increased
  • Preference to Solar Power over Grid Power
  • Protections: OVL, Short CKT., Over Temp., RSPV, Batt. LC, Batt. HC, I/P Voltage Low & High Cut
  • Compatible with SMF GEL and Tubular Batteries
  • Compatible with DG Set as an Input Source
  • Compatible with IT Load
  • Support 1.5HP Branded Submersible Pump
  • Easy Installation &  Low Maintainance

Key Technical:-

Model Name SK3024M MPPT Solar Inverter
Warranty 36 Months
Rated AC Output Power/Current 9.5A
Solar PV Input VOC Range 45V-100V
Efficiency 80%>
Feed-in Phase Single-phase
Topology Mosfet Based
Number of MPPT  1
Noise 55db<  (Distance 1meter)
Weight (kg) 22Kg.
Dimensions [L * H * W] mm 370* 330* 345