About SunGarner 

SunGarner Energies Ltd , is the Leading Power Products Manufacturer and Solar Solution Provider since 2015 .  In 2017 SunGarner Established its First Solar Inverter Manufacturing Unit at Greater Noida India , Subsequently SunGarner diversified itself into  Energy Storage and Solar Panels.

SunGarner has executed more than 100 Large Solar Grid tied Projects Ranging from 50kWp to 2MWP in India and Abroad .  SunGarner inverters has been supplied in 26 States of India from Leh to Tamil Nadu in an Span of 6 years . While Internationally , SunGarner is Exporting to 7 countries .

To provide our Better Reach of Products to our Retail Clients , SunGarner Started www.seltrik.com which is also backed by Physical Stores for Better Service Supports.