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Model No. : SKST15060

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Warranty : (60+12) MONTHS**

Boasting a robust battery capacity of 150Ah and a voltage of 12V, the Seltrik SKST15060 proves to be an excellent choice for powering homes or offices with solar energy. Whether your goal is to curtail energy expenses or minimize your carbon footprint, this battery emerges as the perfect solution.

One of its standout features lies in its remarkable battery life cycle. With an impressive lifespan of 1500 cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge (DOD) and 5000 cycles at 20% DOD, you can confidently rely on the Seltrik SKST15060 to endure over an extended period.

Key Technical:-

Model Name SKST15060
Warranty (Month) 60+12
Capacity to 10.5V at 27°C (Ah) 150
Rating C10
Nominal Voltage 12
Battery Weight Without Acid (KG) 32.5
Battery Gross Weight  (KG) 60
Dimensions [L * H * W] mm 505* 190* 410
Application Solar