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Model No. : SKIT15036

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Warranty : (36+24) Months** 

Seltrik Tall Tubular battery is a high quality battery designed to meet the power needs of your home or office. With a battery capacity of 150Ah and a voltage of 12V, this battery is built to provide long lasting and reliable power. The tall tubular battery design ensures excellent performance and durability, making it perfect for heavy duty applications. The Seltrik tall tubular inverter batteries is a part of SKIT Series which is known for its superior charging capabilities and performance. This battery is equipped with advanced technology to ensure efficient charging and longer life. It comes with warranty of 36 +24 months, giving you peace of mind and assurance of its quality. Weather you need a battery for your home inverter, office UPS or any other power backup system the Seltrik tall tubular Inverter battery is perfect choice. It delivers consistent and stable power to keep your appliances running smoothly even during power outages.

Key Technical:-

Model Name SKIT15036
Warranty (Month) 36+24
Capacity to 10.5V at 27°C (Ah) 150
Rating C20
Nominal Voltage 12
Battery Weight Without Acid (KG) 29
Battery Gross Weight  (KG) 57
Dimensions [L * H * W] mm 505* 190* 405
Application Inverter & UPS